Intrepid and Uncharted


  2. marvelentertainment:

    The San Diego Comic Con-exclusive full concept art poster for Marvel’s "Avengers: Age of Ultron"! Who’s getting excited for May 1, 2015?

    This could be one amazing conclusion to Season 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when this hits the cinemas next year. marvelentertainment sure has much to share.


  3. You’ve seen me share this before in photos and a Vine video where I filled them up in a box.

    Let’s see if you’re fast enough to see the individual contents that goes into these pouches. It’s a small touch of Hyderabad - tradition brought into modernity with some help form my mother. 1 more day till the wedding…

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  4. Lights and Brazilian circus performers back at the Brazil FanZone near Katara Cultural Village.


  5. Remember the Crazy Taxi game that started on the SEGA Dreamcast and then went to the Xbox and PlayStation, followed by a re-release on the iPhone?

    Now there’s a freshly built new version (made by the same guy who made the original Crazy Taxi) that’s equally more entertaining and fun on iOS and Android devices.


  6. After making one pouch with a touch of Hyderabad goodness inside each one, time to start packing them into a big box that will be handed out to attendees at my wedding. 3 more days till my wedding in Doha

    Keep your eyes open to #YasserWedsHiba on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Google+.


  7. Something that is done in Hyderabad for weddings. A small touch from a cultural rooted home away from home (i.e. Hyderabad) for my wedding in Doha. These pouches are filled up with goodies and will be given to guests. 4 more days till the wedding

    Keep your eyes open to #YasserWedsHiba on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Google+


  8. fastcompany:

    The Hackable Office Furniture Of The Future Lets You Create Any Office You Want

    Open office? Cubicle? Why not both? Herman Miller’s Metaform furniture makes the question of workspace layout obsolete. Now you can morph your desk from a conference room to a cubicle, any time you want.

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    Mold them like LEGO bricks in a corporate environment, and change them as needed.