Intrepid and Uncharted

  1. Russian animator Alexey Zacharov recreates the Futurama intro from 2D animation to 3D CGI.

    (Source: Engadget)



  3. A peek inside the area of The Gaming Lounge packed with figurines.


  4. One day of #UberIceCream worldwide across cities where Uber operates.

    Doha got to try out some great Italian gelato by Capricci Gelato to cool off in this summer heat. Since it’s also Ramadan, they began deliveries after Iftar and lasted until 2AM.


  5. Mario Goetze pulls off a great move with a Vine by Nike Football. Good use of the infinite loop for the Nike sneaker morphing into a football and back.



  7. Months of work and this is the result. Showed this to my would-be lovey-dovey Mrs. as well.

    August will be here soon.


  8. LED suits worn by stuntmen made this near-impossible parkour run a reality for a Lexus ad. More than 1,680 LEDs on each suit timed to a remote piece of software that would strobe on cue.

    (Source: Gizmodo)