Intrepid and Uncharted

  1. hedgehogcalendar:

    (【ハリネズミカレンダー】Mon July 28.|7月28日(月曜)から)

    Guess this is how Marutaro wants to tell people to enjoy their Eid.

    Eid Mubarak everyone!


  2. The Social Gang had one person missing - Shiva. He decided to join us for Suhour and knowing that he’s fashionably late, we decided to do a sort-of public birthday prank on him. acepilotkhan filmed it on Instagram (above) and will forever be an embarrassing mark for Shiva.


  3. Two of the stars from the upcoming CG/motion movie of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles takes us on a behind-the-scenes look in bringing back the “heroes in a half-shell” to the bigger screen.



  4. Recreating EA Sports’ FIFA with real-life footballers.



  5. Russian animator Alexey Zacharov recreates the Futurama intro from 2D animation to 3D CGI.

    (Source: Engadget)



  7. A peek inside the area of The Gaming Lounge packed with figurines.


  8. One day of #UberIceCream worldwide across cities where Uber operates.

    Doha got to try out some great Italian gelato by Capricci Gelato to cool off in this summer heat. Since it’s also Ramadan, they began deliveries after Iftar and lasted until 2AM.